Removes The Rubber Bloom "White Stuff"

Removes the White StuffTM, also known as “Bloom”; this is the white powdery film you might find “BLOOMING” on your rubber boots. It develops on natural rubber boots such as the Wellington style boots from makers such as Coach , Hunter, and other rubber rain boots, shoes, and bags. Bloom Be GoneTM was developed to bring back the original shine and luster to your high end boots and other rubber products, including raincoats and protective services emergency gear.

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Remove the White Stuff On Boots

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Bloom is the white powdery film you might find on your favorite footwear made of high quality rubber. High quality rubber boots contain an antioxidant (a chemical component) that protects the rubber from oxidation caused by the ozone. Bloom develops on natural rubber, such as Wellington’s or other rubber shoes/ boots/ bags etc. Blooming is caused by the chemical components within the rubber rising to the surface. Therefore your once shiny, beautiful rubber boots look dull and develop a white powdery appearance.

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Blooming typically happens when rubber items are stored or exposed to extreme temperatures. Blooming only effects the appearance of rubber, not the performance of your product. But what good is a quality pair of boots and the prices we pay for them if the luster and shine is gone? We spend hundreds for quality boots, and expect them to last. Why go out and replace your boots that are sitting in the back of your closet because of the white stuff, Bloom be GoneTM  can bring your blooming boots back to life, 100% guaranteed!.

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Cleans and Restores Your Rain Boots

Wellington Boots Bloom Removal

Bloom Be GoneTM is specially formulated to remove the bloom, or "white stuff" that has been a task to remove; until now! Below are some examples of just how well Bloom Be GoneTM restores the natural look of your rubber boots.

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BLOOM BE GONE Removes the white stuff, or 'Bloom' from your high-end rain boots

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White Film Removal On Rain Boots